PACT Mentoring

Parental involvement is key to any successful mentoring program.

The Parent and Child Therapeutic Mentoring program (PACT mentoring) is a wrap around mentoring program that provides individual mentors for the child and parent as well as therapy, advocacy, training and additional resources.  PACT mentoring is an innovative program that overcomes the shortcomings of traditional mentoring by not only building relationship with the child, but also working to improve the family and environment of the child at the same time.  PACT Mentoring provides traditional family values in non traditional settings,  empowering children to thrive.


PACT mentoring program offers:

  •  Mentors for children
  • Coaches for parents
  •  Family advocacy
  • Counseling for children and family
  • Parenting skills and home
  • Management training
  • Moral and Spiritual support
  • After school programs


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Inner County Outreach
529 Edmund Street
Aberdeen, MD 21001