Community Housing Development Organization

Reaching out to strengthen family ties through Education, Inspiration, and Independence”

Inner County Outreach (I.C.O.) is a faith based nonprofit organization meeting the varied needs of the low- and moderate-income residents of Harford County, Maryland. ICO has a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) consisting of two components: housing rehab and home buyer education.   Under the home rehab component, ICO acquires dilapidated, vacant homes in distressed areas of Harford County in an effort to revitalize the community. ICO substantially rehabilitates these homes in participation with the community and local government representatives.   Under home buyer education we educate prospective home buyers of the intimidating process with acquiring a home. We also enlighten the prospective home buyers of the, often unfamiliar, responsibilities of owning home. The home Program is financed through by and administered by Harford County Government. Reaching out to strengthen family ties through Education, Inspiration, and Independence”

Household Size       Income Limit

50%   —     80%

1. $29,600      $44,950

2.  $33,800     $51,400

3. $38,050       $57,800

4. $42,250       $64,200

5.  $45,250     $69,350

6.  $49,050      $74,500

7.  $52,400      $79,650

8.  $58,500      $84,750

  • Above is a chart showing the maximum income for different household sizes.
  • Qualify for (market rate or lower) mortgage financing through participating lender.
  • ICO will assist families with this process through a home ownership counseling program.
  • First time home buyer or haven’t owned a home within the last 3 years.

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Contact Information:

Inner County Outreach
529 Edmund Street
Aberdeen, MD 21001

Roslyn Johnson (email)  (office) (410)272-3278×104