About Us

What is ICO?

Inner County Outreach (ICO) a faith based nonprofit was founded in 1986 by Pastor Nathaniel Johnson, a former accountant and active pastor. Along with the assistance of a handful of faithful members of Aberdeen Bible Church; ICO, one of the two oldest grassroots non-profits in Harford County, was founded in response to the great need in our community. Financial crisis, broken relationships and young people suffering from health, behavioral, spiritual, educational deficiencies and emotional problems plagued the residents of the community. Headquartered in the city of Aberdeen, Maryland; ICO maintains a strong local presence in the community. In 2011, the Mayor and City Council of Aberdeen voted to make June 9th “Inner County Outreach Day” in the city of Aberdeen. We are proud to be the only nonprofit to hold that honorable distinction. ICO is a privately funded 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. Our employees are proud to live and operate in the community we serve.


What Needs Do We Meet?

Inner County Outreach provides a variety of programs and services to address the following needs:

Academic success –ICO encourages youth to excel in their scholastic pursuits by providing academic tutors who aid them in troubled areas and challenge them to succeed.

Advocacy – ICO empowers youth and adults with knowledge to make wise decisions about their health and their community.  ICO teaches the skills needed to access resources and advocate for themselves.

Affordable Housing – ICO provides opportunities for home ownership to low-income residents.

Homelessness – ICO provides resources for eviction prevention to low-income residents.

Leadership Development – ICO provides opportunities for youth to develop leadership skills and get involved within their communities through peer leadership and mentoring, and tutoring opportunities.

Out of Home Placement – ICO provides short-term respite and long-term care for youth that are placed out of their homes.

Parenting – ICO provides instruction and goals setting opportunities for parents to learn effective techniques to properly instruct their developing children.